It seems the uncertainty associated with the new millennium has created a certain fascination, captivating a controlled affinity that drifts toward the dark side. Chronicles of the unknown, venturing into the outer limits of reality, as well as magical and unexplainable powers, have become very popular amongst today’s hot items of pop culture, whether it be on TV or movie screens, or on the best-sellers list of contemporary fiction. From Harry Potter to the X-Files, while we foster and nurture these concepts, it seems we don’t mind fantasizing about wizards casting spells, alien life forms from Star Trek to Stargate, or even the wicked witch of the west. As we look for the truth ‘out there’ our gaze seems to stop at the stars and planets, rather than continue to the throne of the universe!

“What is truth?” These are the last words Pilate spoke to Jesus before He was scourged. Yet Pilate couldn’t see Truth when it was standing right in front of him! Look at the stars and what do you see? Perhaps the sheer magnitude of the universe outweighs the exclusivity of any self centered idea that we are alone. Science claims there are billions and billions of stars, therefore the majority view these statistics to be overwhelming proof that additional life forms have evolved and therefore exist on some other life-supporting planet. Science (is it really ‘fact’) combined with fiction, has, over the years, warmed our intellectual climate with the underlying theme that we are not alone.

But to believe that, you must also agree that intelligent life has evolved from slime originating at the bottom of the oceans, that the formation of the moon is a freak accident caused by an enormous impact on Earth, along with other calculations such as it took 2 billion years just to generate enough oxygen to support animal life on this planet. So where does all this come from? Does fact generate fiction? Or in this case, maybe its the other way around! In either case, God has subtilely been removed from the picture as the theory of evolution continues to evolve.

While we continue to neglect the poor and dying nations on this inhabited planet, we spend billions of dollars to probe other planets for an answer that will satisfy our innate curiosity of what seemingly has become an incurable search for neighbors, as well as to extend the boundaries of our habitation. Rather than to reinvest in the planet where we now abide and to make it a better place for generations to come, space exploration has become a big-budget expenditure. At first there was the race to be the first country to send a man into space and back. Once accomplished, the race became to be the first to land a man on the moon. All this for the pride of a nation, but at what cost? Perhaps if this was as simple as wasting our time and money, we would have little to regret. But at the expense of the truth, what once was a virtually palpable faith in God, the world’s faith has now shifted to believe the hypothesis of little green men and single cell amoebas for distant relatives.

In 1977, while writing a grade nine science exam, the class was asked at what period in time did modern man evolve. I lost marks for my answer which was, ‘When God created Adam and Eve.’ I argued that prior to the exam and during class, we were presented with three theories; the big bang theory, the Darwinian theory, and the creationist theory. Why was my theory wrong from the others? Why was my teacher’s theory right? The teacher (who was a self-admitted atheist) mildly responded that it was not the answer he was looking for! The ‘X’ remained on my test paper, my answer was wrong, and the issue quickly came to a close. Perhaps when the simplicity of the truth is not the answer we are looking for, we tend to look elsewhere or even fabricate an answer to the satisfation of our own minds. Paul wrote, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:” Philippians 2: 5 Going by my experience in grade nine, the ‘X’ in the highly popular TV series ‘The X-Files’ must really mean its wrong; if the truth is really out there, then it can’t be where it should be, and that is within us.

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;” Acts 17: 26. The Word of God is very clear on who we are and where we come from, as well as where we are going, and whether or not we are alone. God certainly has put a boundary on our habitation, but it seems that He has allowed our imaginations to run the gamut of infinity!

Lincoln C. Gagnon