Only now has it become easy and rather quite obvious for the world to see the diabolical deception which recently occurred in Uganda, but as we come to attention and deliberate after the fact, over nine hundred people, many of whom are children, lie in unidentified graves, their bodies charred beyond a recognizable state. When followers become victims, those left behind search for answers to console the agonizing shock, as we reel in disbelief to a reality that is impossible to accept. Referred to as one of the most deadliest and tragic cult-related atrocities of modern times, the tragedy doesn’t end with the multitude of deaths. Once again Christianity will suffer a major blow. Day after day, as the media continues to expose these facts to the general public, whether intentional or (by ignorance) unintentional, the label placed upon this appalling collective mass suicide combined with multiple murders orchestrated for whatever reasons, has more often than not carried the term Christian along side it or within the same paragraph! Even though there is nothing Christian about what happened to this group of people in Uganda, there is more than what meets the eye to the stridently simple, yet stark message they themselves have left us to ponder upon.

Somehow, this group of people wanted the world to believe they were Christians! Known as the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments, their malevolent leader masqueraded as an apostle apparently divinely inspired by dictating visions from the Virgin Mary and proclaiming a prophetic end of the world apocalypse. As this so-called and supposed religious movement prospered, it became popular among defecting Roman Catholics, and even enjoyed and exploited the assistance of former Roman Catholic priests! This charlatan mistress turned mass murderer was able to sway and manipulate hundreds of people (along with their children) fooling the masses while few questioned her authority or objectives. What attracted these people to follow an obsessed spiritual shaman to their death will forever remain a mystery. But when it comes to religion, the world is full of followers. As the fate of this cult was coming to its violent end, the greatest mother of mass murderers, while globetrotting an apologizing, self justified message to the world, once again managed to escape the responsibility of Catholicism gone astray. While a viable explanation may defy and elude us, for probable cause we can turn to the Vatican, the origin and personification of mass deception, as well as the pompous facade of religious mayhem and malice.

Without the Bible, I would never be able to verify the validity of those whom I call my leaders. Without the Bible, I would be a follower of any wind of doctrine that would come my way. In today’s world of fast food religion, we have become too dependent on those who serve us, and too gullible to read the ingredients. Our unhealthy diet for the soul is killing us with a watered down do-good philosophy for a do-good God. We can stroll out of church with nothing more than an appetizer of apologetic sympathy for our human condition of sin, and continue to disregard the principles of a holy standard, while being backed-up and endorsed by the preacher and his church.

So, how has Christianity suffered? The words ‘cult’, ‘sect’ and ‘doomsday’ when sadly joined with the word ‘Christian’, degrades, demoralizes and utterly destroys the reputation and the integrity of it’s true meaning. Yet this murderous cult, along with a multitude of names and comparisons in press release after press release, seems to carry the word Christian somewhere in its description! To be Christ-like, to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, and to manifest the qualities of his Spirit, cannot even be remotely related to this display of daunting satanic power. While we content ourselves by saying this will never happen to us, we quietly follow the practices of our religious beliefs, unquestionably pious and reverent to whatever comes across the pulpit, is preached through the airwaves, or even posted on the Internet. Like sheep being led to the slaughter, these people in Uganda practiced their religion until their violent demise; baptized in gas, ignited, and drawing their last breath while engulfed in flames. As we follow our Sunday morning preachers, we defend our faith by looking up at our leaders. But where are we heading? Where are they leading us? As followers, will we one day end up as victims? When the blind lead the blind, do they not both fall in the ditch? Matthew 15: 14 / Luke 6: 39. For most of the people in this world, no matter what their beliefs may be, they will one day wake-up to the smell of smoke and to the burning sensation of fire and brimstone of a different kind, and it will be too late for them too!

The writing on the wall, this time scrawled by human hands, contains a message that bears more truth than most people realize. Though it may not suffice as an answer to human destruction of such magnitude, these words of unexplainable horror pack a whole lot of truth. Plagued by a lack of biblical morality along with unrighteousness gone rampant in this world, mankind’s’ message of immoral behavior, though not blatantly inscribed on any wall, equally bears the similitude to ‘Let Us Go And Burn.’ These people have not escaped their self-inflicted agony, trapped by the flames within a sealed church where there was no escape for them. The suffering didn’t end after their bodies were consumed by the burning blazes of man-made destruction. Much to their dismay, relief will never be had. Hell is real, and it is the eventual destination of those victimized by the hand of religion, and just like for those who were entangled in this satanic cult of horrors, there will be no escape.

Lincoln C. Gagnon