April / May / June 2002


Jesus asked, “Where have you laid him (Lazarus)?”

They said unto Him, “Lord, come and see.”


Jesus did not weep because He loved Lazarus as the Jews so pretended. Jesus wept because He found no one with any faith. Without faith, Mary and Martha had only one thing left to do, and that was to bury their brother.


Unbelief is humanity’s downfall. Jesus fought unbelief and died on account of it.

The word of God was made flesh, and then rubbed shoulders with people who chose to exercise their unbelief against Jesus. On many occasions it was these same unbelievers who ran Jesus out of town.

I do not claim to be Jesus! However, I use the same words that came out of his mouth, and by doing so I am persecuted and rejected just as much as Jesus was.

Unbelief is being exercised by people who have not converted from their ‘lifestyles’, and yet they always seem to find a church that will accept them as they are.

My dear believer;

Last month a special letter went out to around 300 people with the hope to find them all with faith and love for the lost souls who live within the listening area of the radio station on which our program airs. ‘NOT SO!’ So far, only a small fraction responded to my cry, and for those of you who did, it sure helped to get our program started on time. So, be sure to do it again, would you please? Everyday ‘I have wept’ over this situation. My request for everyone to labor with me seems to have been hindered by unbelief or misunderstanding. If you are among those who have been hindered, get on your feet and trample the devil by giving your offering, and you will enjoy tearing apart the Vatican’s biggest stronghold in North America.

I am crying to you once again. Our Father in heaven, Jesus, and I, need your offerings, prayers, and fasting to conquer souls trapped in the hands of the pedophile’s religious system. Can you not see that corruption is the strength of those who love darkness? Can you not see that holiness is the strength of those who love light? RIGHTEOUSNESS - it will not get any better out there! But praise God and Jesus that we are not part of the problem, that is, we who love righteousness!

The Christians who have a certain amount of Bible knowledge are scandalized to hear me say on radio that we must be found walking without sin. The world out there really needs to hear me on radio so that I might penetrate their homes in order to undo the wrong teaching they receive in their churches every Sunday. We have to stay on radio! Hurry up! Lay down that offering you have so the gospel of Christ will be preached without compromise right in the devil’s front yard. Dozens of Catholic priests and bishops are listening to me along with tens of thousands of their own people who hear the truth and are challenged to get a Bible today. I will make sure that the fear of God will be at their heels. Alleluia!
Only two broadcasts and the Word Of God Revival Broadcast is already burning strong in the homes of listeners and even at the local Christian coffee house. Praise God! I cannot wait to see the results after three months of radio or even more! I am on fire more than ever as I see myself breaking the fallow ground within the homes of thousands of Catholics and Protestants. Your offering will activate the fire that is in me more and more and let it be known that is all I want. Alleluia!

SO, LET’S DO IT! Within the next seven to ten days your offering should reach me. I will make sure that a confirmation is dispatched to you the same day your offering arrives. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I will pray that the same fire that is in me will also burn within your soul. Together, and with the same spirit, we shall reap more Catholic souls than ever before. With the unfeigned love of the gospel, I am,

Brother Gagnon.