January / February 2003

My Dear Convert and Believer;

What can God do without his preacher?

As for myself, I know that God could not reach me until I heard a man preaching from the Bible. That’s when I started to read the Bible, and that’s when God got my attention! I realized right away that I had never heard the gospel of Christ. It is hard and difficult to accept that the gospel of Christ cannot be found in denominations. We must begin to live by the Bible, and only then will we realize that the man behind the pulpit is not a God sent Romans 10 : 14 preacher. It is sad to say this but it is the truth. The churches have been and are being invaded by false apostles who have transformed themselves into the apostles of Christ, 2 Corinthians 11 : 13. It is very easy to know a tree by the fruit it bears. Get in your Bible and you will know them by their fruit.

The only gospel that exists in these churches is a gospel according to their own denomination; based on their own Bible Schools to satisfy their members with what they want to hear and believe.

Well, well! Here in Montreal God has a Romans 10 : 14 preacher. A man from God with a church, reaching people in the streets and by radio for two hours every Sunday, using the Bible to let listeners know that the gospel of Christ has never existed in their church. Do they want to hear this? NO! There was a time when I didn’t want to hear this either, but then I was given a Bible which is what I really needed. Now this is what I am doing - putting Bibles in the hands of people. Some have begun to come out to our services, and they continue to listen to the radio program every Sunday, to be taught by God’s Romans 10 : 14 preacher.

‘Without a preacher.’

Well! Your offerings have made it possible for some of these people to begin their journey with the Bible and a ministry with words of reconciliation. I will not cease to knock at your heart and the spirit of Christ in you, because without your offerings, God’s Romans 10 : 14 preacher would not be loose within the devil’s battlefield! We may look a lot like Gideon’s army of 300 warriors, but with our Father in heaven, and the gospel of Christ along with your offerings, we are tearing down the misconceptions, fables, dogmas, philosophies, liturgies, heresies, religious socials, false doctrines, and idolatries of the Mother Harlot Church. We are planting the feet of those who convert to the word of God salvation into the preparation of the gospel of peace. Alleluia!

I cannot put into words the difference you have made since God called you out to suffer with us, to labor with us, to pray with us, and to fast with us! Your offering is the major weapon that I use to stay on the front line with Z 104,1 FM radio. Being God’s choice, I know you will fortify our ranks with all you can give!
‘I know you can do it!’

For the last 35 years, I have called on God to tell Him I want to do more! God has granted this desire to my family and I, and this is why we are still in Montreal. We have come to your area time after time as well, knowing how much you care to see this gospel preached along with other people too! So, we will not keep this ministry to ourselves nor between our walls. Amen!

‘Without a preacher.’

By broadcasting on radio, I am able to pierce the Vatican’s walls of darkness that devour the hearts and minds of people. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai to deliver the ‘gospel’ of the ten commandments, there was thundering, lightning, a noise of trumpets, and the mountains were smoking. The people could not stand to see God confirm the ‘gospel’ of Moses. Praise God! Alleluia! WOW! It must of been some preaching! We are just as noisy! As I speak on radio, people are quaking, cracking, crying, wailing, and howling, but praise God for those who are believing, dying, and giving their lives to Christ. Alleluia! I believe I have said enough. Amen!

If the enclosed income tax receipt helps you in some way to recuperate some of the money you have already paid to the government, will you please add this amount to your regular offerings? Regardless of the number of dollars, just say, ‘O! My Father in heaven, what I will get back is all yours.’ Alleluia! This will help the gospel of Christ to be heard by more people who are trapped in the Vatican Mother Harlot Church. It may not be Moses, but the same God will be heard by his Romans 10 : 14 preacher. Thank you! Thank you! Give with the mind of Christ. I am already excited in the Lord to see what you will do with your income tax return. This will be a great exploit for souls in 2003, sowing to the spirit and reaping life eternal! Galatians 6 : 8.

Loving you in Christ Jesus with righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost, I am praying and believing with you. Sing a new song unto the Lord, and I say rejoice, and I say rejoice in the Lord. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ, the King James Bible.

Brother and Sister Gagnon
Lincoln and Robin-Lee