January 2001

Thanks be unto God to be found blameless today, the sweet savor of Christ, triumphant, more than conquerors, the righteousness of God, holy, the light of the world, the salt of the Earth, the image of the Son of God, joint-heirs with Christ, the bride of Christ, whiter than snow, pure as He is pure, a vessel unto honor, and blameless in Christ the Word of God.

In Christ Jesus there is no second opinion. We are blameless! We are light! No darkness, no spots. Hallelujah! We were (I like the past tense) sometimes darkness. We were (I like the past tense) sometimes unclean.

What do I like? I like ‘were’. In Christ, what we ‘were’ is all gone. Gone! Glory to God!

The blessing of being blameless in the 21st century!

Dear Blameless;

We read in Ezekiel chapter 22, verses 17 - 19, that Israel had a bad ending. The God of Israel could not find a man among them who could stand between God and their sins (verses 30 - 31). God was in the need of a clean man, a clean shepherd, and someone who was a clean leader, but He found NONE. So, all that was left for God to do was to pour out his indignation, the fire of his wrath, his anger, and his fury, and melt them as silver is melted in the midst of the furnace (verses 20 -22).

It seems to be the nature of man to think God will not retaliate against their sins and trespasses. However, we better get in our Bible and find out the truth before the wrath of God (fury and anger) is kindled against us! The Lord said it! The way is holiness. Walk ye in it. Just think of Ananias and Saphira in Acts chapter 5. The churches drill the people to believe a lie, but “… be sure your sin will find you out.” Numbers 32: 23.

The preaching of the cross must increase. Preach. Preach. Preach so that men and women see that God’s indignation, wrath, fury, and anger, are lifted only from those who care to walk in God’s great grace - sin no more.

The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry. Notice how the Lord does not react toward those who choose to live by the traditions and dogmas of the churches. It is only through the Word of God (Jesus) that you and I can be found walking under the umbrella of God’s love, righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. This means total freedom from religions’ traditions, moons, months, years, holy days, Sabbath days (Sundays), etc… Take time to read Paul to the Colossians.

In 33 years of ministering the gospel of Christ across Canada, I find Canadians to be no better than the Israelites, trapped so deep in their traditions, while loving every bit of them. With no fear of God, they are very comfortable with their relatives, friends, socials, and sports. They maintain denominational traditions as priority above what the Bible prescribes, exciting God unto anger, wrath, and fury, having forgotten his Son Jesus was slaughtered, crucified, and buried. In Romans 8 verse 3, we see that God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ released all his wrath, fury, and anger on his Son Jesus, condemning sin (your sins and mine) in the flesh; the flesh of Jesus.

Ohhh! When I stop and look at my heavenly Father’s great grace, I quake with joy to see myself so free! So free! So free indeed! Every whit whole, whiter than snow, pleasable and acceptable unto God! Hallelujah!

Read! Read! Read all about God, especially in the Old Testament, and then turn to the good news, the New Testament, and start reading all over again. I cannot get enough of who God really is! Do not allow man to try and tell you who He is, for they will lie to you, even as you have been lied to over and over again. I have repeated these things to you until this day, and yet some of you are still trapped and living without the gift of God which He has placed at anyone’s disposition, as long as they want to live and to serve God and Jesus Christ. After all, this is just what the salvation of God in Jesus Christ is all about; to ordain and to salvage whosoever will unto Himself as a blameless vessel for his glory and his praise on this side of heaven.

Israel was supposed to have been such a vessel unto God, but they would not listen. It seems they just did not have what it takes to fight the spiritual warfare. Israel had only their leaders to fight for them, yet they fought against their leaders instead of allowing their leaders to lead them to where God wanted to take them. Well, praise God and Jesus Christ the battle is over! Jesus came, and here we are, God’s actual creation, his praise and glory, and a name for Himself, just the way He wanted it to be. You and I can be living anywhere in the world, yet in Christ Jesus, the Word of God, we are God’s elect. All we have to do is to be born of the Spirit through his Word, then go on living by his Word, and we have it made! Hallelujah! No wrath, anger, and fury following after us. Just blessed, over and over again, with blessings and more blessings. Keep on living by his Word and you will never be short of God’s blessings. “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.” Ephesians 1: 3. All you and I have to do to be awarded with such great blessings is to stay out of sin, and the blessings are on. It is cold out there, but we are blessed! Sinners do not have what you and I have. All they have to look at are cursings. You and I have Jesus from where all blessings flow. Remember, He was wounded for our transgressions. Isaiah 53. Colossians 2. Ephesians 2. Just read, and the blessings will always be your thoughts in this world of darkness.

The thing I have noticed that’s missing in people is the Word of God. If the blessings which come from the Word of God are not in a person, then the cursings which come from living on earth in the carnal will be and are found in them. It is either Christ the Word of God or cursing for all those who are after the flesh. Anyone of us who walk after the Spirit (the Word of God) will please God, and that is what the blessing is. It is not what’s in the bank, nor in your pocket. God’s blessings are all spiritual. Remember Ephesians 1 verse 3. As long as you and I are walking and handling the spiritual, the rest does not matter. Amen! ‘Seek ye first…’ What? The spiritual, the kingdom of God, and then what? The flesh will enjoy the daily blessings needed. Hallelujah!

Blameless. Blameless is what God is looking for. I have always said that I will never give God the joy to pour out his wrath, anger, and fury upon me. I want Him to rejoice in blessing me. Glory to God and Jesus Christ! This is what it has been like throughout the last 12 months. Most people, including world leaders, are saying it is hard, and though it is, you and I are blameless. We are surrounded with blessings. All that is left for you and I to do is to spread the Word of God and Jesus Christ abroad; and this is what we have been doing.

The lake which burneth with fire and brimstone is still red hot with God’s wrath, anger, and fury. The only way to avoid this fiery lake is through the gospel of Christ. You and I have already avoided God’s grand finale by walking blameless in Christ Jesus, the Word of God.

Your offerings allowed me to reach more souls this past year. Just like it was during the last 28 years, this is the only way to pull people away from God’s final curse for sinners (the fiery lake). Millions of souls are still there, badly in need to be reached with the gospel of Christ. They have been reached once again with Christmas and the New Year, and as usual these traditions have not helped anyone to be saved.

I am coveting your income tax returns more than ever. My compassion and love are for lost souls and I mean millions of lost souls right here in Canada. My love and compassion has become more and more aggressive when it comes to evangelizing our dear Canadians. This is why I need the money you can put your hands on. Our groups across Canada are doing well and they are able to keep our ministry going week after week, but for my wife and I to continue evangelizing across Canada, we need extra. In my letters, I keep mentioning that there are many who have not been zealous to work with us. Through this letter I am pleading with all of you to be of the same spirit. Let your offerings loose (this way) and do not forget to do all you can to send your income tax return as soon as you put your hands on it. Amen!

The kingdom of God belongs to us who are blameless and it is a blessing is to keep on going, compelling as many as possible to come into the fold. As you look at your income tax receipt, I trust you are able to say, ‘This year coming, I will double, or even more than double what I gave last year.’ Praise God!

I will always be short of finances because I refuse to stop evangelizing. So, would you please put your offerings in my hands as soon as you touch what belongs to the gospel of Christ. Press on toward a good report and you will not fall into the snares of the devil. Go for all the grace God promised to make abound toward those who give with joy.

We are praying for you at all times; in meetings, or in private, or while driving from meetings to other meetings, because we do not want you to miss out on God’s blessings. Just stay blameless. Hallelujah!

Brother and Sister Gagnon