How do Christian festivals affect the Christians’ attitudes?

Rachel / UK


Actually, Christians’ attitudes are in no wise affected? It is a fact that all festivals, whether they are called Christian or non-Christian, are worldly and carnal. Their festivals are the fruit of their daily attitude which is carnal, and the festivities at the end of each year only magnify their attitude. These activities are for those who are not born of God. Since those who participate are not spiritual, they lust after the pleasures and cares of this world. For anyone who does not know nor live by the holy scriptures, these festivals are very deceitful, even though they entertain themselves in the name of God and Jesus Christ. Gifts, suppers, dinners, and charities, organized by these people are hypocrisy as well as forms of self-justification. True love and compassion is from the heart, and not from nor through any publicity from behind the pulpit or public address system. Jesus taught us not to let the left hand see what the right hand is doing. God’s true Christians rejoice in the Lord, not in any of the festivities promoted by ungodly people. These occasions allow men and women to display their jealousy, their envy, their lust, and their covetousness. To make matters worse, all these activities plunge their participants into poverty. Christians become self-centered and egoistic, while competing against one another, absolutely void of righteous judgment and wisdom, determined to make their own dreams come true. God’s true Christians who walk in the Spirit of the Lord will never engage in such rioting and confusion; God forbid.

Pastor Gagnon