April / May 2001


I wanted your attention Joab. I sent you two messengers and you did not answer either one of them. By setting your field on fire I knew I would finally get your attention.

Read 2 Samuel 14: 28 - 31. In these verses, I am reminded of myself doing all I can by using the Word of God to get your attention. I am inspired to give you the message God has given me for you for this one reason; God wants your attention! He wants the glory! He wants to be served! He wants the honor! He wants the praise! He wants to be a Father unto you! He wants you saved from his wrath! He wants your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life! He wants you in the Bible! Only a small percentage of people care to give God their attention. I can see it myself by the response I get every time I am inspired to reach you with the message God gives me for you. I am no different than Absalom’s servants. They knew that Joab had not answered their master. I believe everyone of us has a barley field. We hear all kinds of testimonies from people of how they finally turned around, and what it finally took for them to give-in to their doctor’s attention to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop eating this and that, lose weight, etc… but they never paid any attention to what the doctor said until one day, without warning, their barley field was on fire, the pain became unbearable, their lungs were giving out, blood clots started appearing, etc… I believe you get the picture!

In the past 30 years I have seen many barley fields set on fire in the lives of many, many souls, yet, I had done all I could do to get their attention.

God wants your attention!

God said, “…and be sure your sin will find you out.” He will burn your barley field. Why won’t you believe this? Are you going to wait until God sets your barley field on fire? Ask David. He tried so hard to hide his sin, but God set fire to his barley field. What did He do? He killed David’s son! David had hope that God would be gracious unto him and that the child would live, but he found no grace and the child died.

Christians around the world have been defrauded from knowing the truth about God and how to serve God in order to avoid his wrath. All there is left for God to do is to ‘set fire to their barley field’. The churches have run out of dogmas about God’s love, a teaching that will create church members but not sons of God. Instead of being joint-heirs with Christ we find those same members to be joint-heirs with the world, not transformed but conformed to the world. Be sure God will ‘burn your barley field!’ He will get your attention whether on this Earth or at the second resurrection. Revelation 21: 8.

Remember Samson? His barley field was set on fire, and he never came out of it. He lost his eyes and never got them back. All he could do was cry to God to let him die with those whom he played with. He was the last to believe that anyone could set fire to his barley field, but he found out that you cannot play around with sin. He went to bed with a woman who was not his wife. God got his attention, only to find out that he should have stayed true to God or else…

Pharaoh was blessed with many warnings before God came down and burned his barley field. God finally got his attention.
I know there are a lot of sacrifices and hardships involved with being God’s child, but it pleased God to bruise Jesus in order to save our barley field. What the world needs are examples and more examples about who God is and to find out where man and woman are heading for.

Paul told the Corinthians in chapter 10 that, ‘…these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things…’ Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord and of devils. Ye cannot be a partaker of the Lord’s table and of the table of devils. I believe that this is a very clear teaching to see, but the churches still teach that even if you sin, God’s love will continue to flow in your life, even though it says the wages of sin is death, which means your barley field will go up in flames.

I intend to enjoy my barley field until the end. It is a God given blessing and I won’t let anything hinder me. Alleluia!

It pleased God to bruise Jesus.

Let us generate more pride for what Jesus has done for us. He went all the way so that you and I could enjoy our barley field until the end. We have to eat and digest more Bible truth and knowledge for without it, you will one day look out your window and your barley field will be on fire.

May this letter get your attention today. Our ministry will never be short of warnings. We care that you will be on the alert at all times, giving your attention to every word of the King James Bible.

If I were you, I would not disregard this letter today! I would put my hands to the plow more than ever before so God can use me as a vessel unto honor at all times, never to give Him the joy to burn my barley field. For God has said, ‘…As I rejoiced over you to do you good, and multiply you; so the Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you (to burn your barley field) and to bring you to naught.’

Oh! How I long to see all those on my mailing list sanctified, holy (looking after their barley field) while giving God their daily attention, working with me in Canada and throughout the rest of the world with The Truth Online. Our ministry is the attention God wants. He wants to be served with nothing but holiness that is in full obedience to his Word and to Jesus Christ.

Start giving God your attention today and you will be happy you did. God is calling you once again to give Him your attention. Start with an offering. Every ministry founded on holiness through Christ was kept together through the offerings of the Saints, and this is what are ministry is, so please give me your attention today. Recognize what the truth is and keep the truth flowing with your offerings. Alleluia!

Our deficit is still as deep as ever. Through this letter I am calling on God to anoint 10 holy saints to give God their attention with a $10,000.00 offering. It is time to do it while your barley field is blooming. All of you others who can serve God with all you have, please do it with joy, and together it may add up to a $10,000.00 offering. Alleluia!

May the grace of God found in this letter be multiplied unto you and may it be found in your every step.

Thanking you I am,

Brother and Sister Gagnon.