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Born in 1937 on the sixth day of September in the province of Quebec, I was raised in a very strong Catholic family. As all French Quebecers, idols, alcohol, tobacco and the nightlife was the example that I received from birth. At the age of 14, I left home. Once on my own, I practiced all I was taught. What a mess! However, I don't want to talk about the devil too much.

In 1958, being inclined to leave Quebec, I headed for Toronto. To learn English was my goal. In 1960 I ended up in Vancouver where I met a girl who didn't smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, nor go to nightclubs, etc. One day I went to her church and it was there where it all began. It was in that church where I first heard the Bible preached. A year and a half later I was born again the Pentecostal way, and I married the girl who told me I had to get out of the church of Rome in order to become a son of God, or she would not marry me.

By reading the Bible the Pentecostal way, I saw that the Roman Catholic system was not right. I began to really get thirsty for what I read. I became the young people's leader in the church, I was a deacon, the Sunday School Superintendent, etc. You can really get involved in so many things; everything but involved to go to heaven!

In 1965, married and with two children, a business and employees, I became hungry for God's best and hungry to see men work as I read in the Bible. I cried to God; "Where are the Stephens, the Pauls and the Peters? Where are the men like Jesus?" Well, this was the year that God began to speak to me with his anointing inside of me. I began to see myself doing the work those men died for. Without a shadow of a doubt, I knew that my new religion did not have, nor produce men such as I read in the Bible. These men were talked about, but in no way did my pastors teach that I could become like these men or preach the way they did. In my King James Bible, I could see that God always had a man after his own heart. To make it short, God got a hold of me. When I would long to see a man walk the earth this way, God spoke to me and said, "You are the one that’s going to fulfill the very desire of your own heart."

I said to God, "Oh! Not me God." But I had no choice. God had already put his hand on me and no matter what I would do (except to sin) there was no way that God desired to let me go. My religion was telling me to go to Bible School, read all kinds of books, and follow my pastor’s steps. The last thing I wanted to do was to follow my pastor’s steps; he was dedicated to his religion, but he had no faith and he was confused by religious salvation. However, there is one thing he recognized; what he read in the Bible he could see it in me. Never would he discourage me or advise me otherwise, and I'm still praying for him today.

The end of 1967 came and God pulled me right out of my church. I began to preach in different churches where they would recognize that I could be a blessing to their people. I preached the gospel as it is written. However, I could never work for very long with any of those churches. I was always told, "We don't believe this and we don't believe that." Well, I was in God’s school. He would show me that He could not work with any of those churches or denominations either!

I couldn't believe what I would see and hear. Oh! The blind eyes were opened, the lame walked, the sick were healed, people were saved and the dead were being raised, but at the same time, God began to show me the things I was to build in the heart of people. Those church leaders had no calling and no faith to continue building in the life of the people who would come to Christ during my crusades. As I would go from one church to the next, God began to show me that I was leaving those poor sheep in the hands of hirelings and slaughterers.

One night, God got a hold of me and told me I had to go to Quebec. Up to this point in time, I had preached only in the four most western provinces of Canada. Well, I did just what God told me to do. I told my wife, who had the same heart and the same God, and she knew that it was the thing for me to do. I packed my suitcases, put them in my car and gave my wife $10.00. I kept $40.00 (that's all we had). I knew that with God I can do all things. So I left Vancouver with $40.00 and drove to Montreal. If you don't know God, don't try it. My faith in the word of God has never changed.

After God called me to do His work, He showed me that as long as I walked holy before Him (holy is to be obedient to His word) He would see that I would always be overtaken with the blessing. This has never changed, not only for myself but for my wife Lydia and my children Lincoln and Robin-Lee. We have become a perfect family of the word of God for all of you.

I arrived in Montreal in October, 1969 with the hope to find churches that would accept the perfect life of the word of God, but that didn’t work either. God showed me that Quebec was no better than the west; religion is religion anywhere. I preached miracles, signs and wonders just the way I did in the west. However, God began to show me that I had to tell the people of Quebec about the Roman Catholic system. The little knowledge that my Pentecostal religion had given me was not enough to please God and to allow God to be satisfied with my ministry.

In 1972, inspired by the Holy Ghost, I began to research the Roman and Protestant systems. Well, let me tell you, I began to have something to preach. On radio open lines and in newspapers, I exposed what keeps people on their way to hell whether they go to church or not. All hell broke loose. People began to threaten me. If I didn't stop, they were going to shoot me coming out of the radio station. In my meetings, they came to cut me down. City mayors came to evict me out of their towns around the Montreal and Quebec City areas. Drunks and street fighters, being led by city mayors, came to disrupt my revivals. City mayors would pay young teenagers to cut down my gospel tent. City police would surround the radio stations during my live open line broadcasts, in fear that the mob would dynamite the station as they had promised. French Bibles (the Louis Segond) were being collected by nuns and priests and burned. Hundreds of Bibles were burned and people who lost their Bibles were forced to buy another crucifix and other idols to replace the ones they destroyed during my crusades.

In 1972, I became the first Quebecer in the history of Quebec to acquire a charter under the level of all the organized churches in Quebec. Until this point, the government had always refused, but when God is with you, who can be against you? The power enabled by this charter made it impossible for people to do what they wanted to do to me. The moment they learned I was a member of the clergy, they gave up their strategy against my people and I. Today this same charter is registered in every province where there’s a need for a temple.

This is a brief vision of who I am. My wife and I raised two children while our ministry got off the ground. After graduation, Lincoln and Robin-Lee were both ordained by God to continue to build-up this ministry. Today, they are 37 and 36, and both are married with a God-ordained spouse. They are tools in God’s ministry until the coming of Jesus. This ministry is ordained by God to remain this way in everyone’s heart until Jesus comes again. Our children and the children of tomorrow are in the need of God's perfect ministry. Every day as I talk to God, I say, "You can depend on me, I will never disappoint you nor anyone that you give me to pastor." The will of God for my family and I is to present every man unto God perfect in Christ Jesus. Colossians 1: 28. So you see, not only do I believe, but I live in perfection, so that you can be perfect too!


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