: Do I need to download additional software in order to participate at the MARKETPLACE?

A : No, all you need is your web browser.

Q : How can I post my comments to a certain topic or question?

A : To post your comments to a particular topic, you will have to locate the text box at the bottom of the discussion page. Type your comments and opinions in the text field, then click on the ‘Submit Message’ button. Your message will be sent to the MARketplace@WWCJ.com, where it will be added to the discussion.

Q : Can I add a new topic to the MARKETPLACE?

A : Yes. We are open to suggestions that will make the MARKETPLACE more interactive for everyone. When suggesting a subject or Bible verse for a new topic, try to be as specific as possible. All suggestions and comments can be sent to : MARKETPLACE@WWCJ.com.

Q : Can I format my message in any way?

A : Yes, but this is optional. You can use italics, bold, and underlining; set paragraphs and line breaks and you can center your text as well.

Q : Can I submit to more than one topic?

A : Yes. Providing you follow the terms and conditions listed below.


Welcome to the MARKETPLACE!

We are happy to introduce you to our on-line discussion fellowship, where we intend to provide topics for discussion and allow you the freedom to exchange information and to express your opinion. The success of the MARKETPLACEdepends on your help and your participation. Together, the MARKETPLACE will become an informative experience and a source of infinite knowledge of the word of God. We encourage your participation with others around the world, and we look forward to reading your views on a wide range of subjects.

By participating at the MARKETPLACE, you respect others as well as their opinions. The MARKETPLACE is for non-commercial purposes only. You cannot distribute or otherwise publish any material containing solicitation of funds, advertising or solicitation for goods or services. You cannot submit any material which may infringe upon the copyright, trademark, personal or proprietary rights of any person, company or third party.

Upon our discretion, WWCJ.com reserves the right to refuse, or to edit the content of your submission that may be abusive, defamatory, obscene, in violation of copyright or trademark laws, or otherwise unacceptable for the intended purposes of the MARKETPLACE. Your submission to the MARKETPLACE in no way creates any obligation on the part of WWCJ.com to post or to use your material.

If you become aware of any violation of the above stated policies, please contact us at the MARKETPLACE@WWCJ.com with a detailed e-mail message stating your concerns. If you do not agree with the above stated policies, please refrain from participating or submitting material to the MARKETPLACE. Any changes or modifications WWCJ.com may deem as necessary to these terms and conditions, may be done without prior notice, but will be announced on this page.

Any material submitted to the MARKETPLACE becomes the property of WWCJ.com. All title and interest therein, including all rights of copyright, shall vest with WWCJ.com at the time they are posted, and are subject to be used by WWCJ.com in any medium (now in existence of hereafter developed), for any purpose, without further notice in perpetuity, and without any further notice to you.

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As a participant, and by submitting your opinions to the MARKETPLACE with the intention of posting your views, you have read and agree with all the above terms and conditions.