Question : Does God have an appetite for bananas? Has He evolved just like science claims that we have? Are children being taught the truth inside the classroom?


I've never considered myself related to apes. In school, I was taught evolution, but I always thought it was kind of a weird theory. Now, I don't put much thought into it at all. C.H. / CALGARY

I read in Genesis 1: 27 that God created Man. In Genesis 2: 7 I read that man was created from the dust of the ground. To believe that Man came from a common ancestor to the ape, is to dispute those verses of the Bible. If you believe Man and ape are related, then you have to believe that a complex animal like Man, (or ape for that matter), was the result of a long series of astronomically remote "accidents" that all started with a chance meeting of a protein and amino acid that just happened to coincide with another astronomically remote accident of weather, which created a very simple cell. And although there was nothing for that cell to eat or breathe (after all, it was the first) life somehow emerged and thrived. I think evolution is an unrealistic theory, and the Bible offers a more believable account of where Man came from. P. G. / EDMONTON

I agree that when you are not born of God through Jesus Christ our Lord that man is born of the monkey.. Jesus said without Me ye can do nothing.. I work in the security business and man, (whether it be man's law or God's law) don't like rules.. very simular to monkeys! They want to have fun, no work and don't follow orders, but we who are born of God are born again through the spirit... We are no more strangers or animals anymore but fellow citizens in the household of saints..