Read about a young man whose Mom always read him the Bible and told him he had to live holy!

"I stopped loving the world. I found the truth and started loving God. It was a very conscious decision."

A Truck Driver On God's Super Highway!

A former drug addict turns trucker. Find out how a trucker with a non-stop schedule finds time for God and family.
"I count my blessings everyday since 1978."

Being raised in a religious family did not give Jo Ann a guarantee that she would grow knowing the truth. Discover what happened when she heard a preacher under a tent, and what this young teenager had to do to find out if he was telling her the truth or not.
"Let's go! I'm ready to live holy!"
She remembers sitting in church and finding it boring, but one day she heard a preacher with a simple message. Now, after 30 years, she still prays for those who have heard the truth, and have not yet taken heed.
"I've always been fascinated that this one man was called perfect by God."

As a machinist in the age of computers, Arthur can measure an object up to .00001 of an inch! But he remains fascinated with a man God called ‘perfect’? He tells us why he feels this is so important in order to make heaven.
"I went to Anglican, I went to Pentecostal, I went to United, and even the Catholic church!"

Read all about why a Sunday School teacher once prayed, "Lord, if you could only send me a man like Paul who could teach us the truth."