Name : Pierre

Age : 43

Family status : Married

Main occupation : Truck driver. Owner/Operator

WWCJ : How long have you been saved?
Since December 1973.

WWCJ : Define salvation…
To be saved is to live without sinning, and to be converted from everything that goes against holiness; cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, to have two or three wives... even religion that would go against holiness because there is no religion that teaches righteousness - they seem to go so far as to live a good life, but they do not go all the way to get you to holiness. So, to be saved is to live without sinning.

WWCJ : Give some insight on when you first heard the truth as it is written in the King James Bible…
My mother heard a TV program, and there was a man who invited us to his church to hear the word of God preached. No one else would preach the truth in Quebec according to what the Bible says, and we were told there would be miracles and healings; the blind would see, the deaf would hear, the lame would walk. So, my mother went to see, and this was the first I ever heard of such a thing. My mother told me to go to the church and I would be healed! So I went, but I didn’t get the healing I was looking for that night! First, I received the word of truth preached from the Bible, and was given the explanation of things that I read in school when they would lend us a Bible to read in religion class but I would never understand what I read! We would just read. So that night, the preaching was of Lazarus who was in the bosom of Abraham, and there was the rich man in hell who wanted water and who would never get water... but why didn’t he get any water? Lazarus had received his reward but the rich man never lived holy like Lazarus lived. This was the first preaching that I heard, and it was in this preaching that I was told not to look for a healing for the body, but to heal the soul first before healing the flesh.

WWCJ : What’s the first thing that came to mind when you found out you could live holy?
The first thing that came to mind was that I had a long way to go! I had a lot to leave behind; cigarettes, booze, drugs, sex, lies, stealing (I was a thief), I was a hypocrite... There were all these things before me that I could see I had to change, and because my heart was open to the Bible and to the truth, I decided to let go of all these things; anything that was against righteousness.

What has been your greatest achievement since you have been saved?
I think the greatest achievement is to go deeper and deeper in the word, and to have a greater in-depth knowledge of who God is, as well as the spiritual things, and to gain the knowledge, wisdom, and discernment between good and evil in this world, so as not to fall in any snare. To me, this is what is best! It is not the blessings of the flesh, but it is to be in good spiritual health.

WWCJ : Your most quoted Bible verse?
Isaiah 53: 5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

WWCJ : I would like you to comment on this verse :
Hebrews 12: 14 - Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:
It a sure thing that living in this world, we live in the flesh like anyone else, but in the flesh we are able to live in peace with everyone, -to have a good personality. If you sow peace you will reap peace. If you sow violence you will reap violence. You look for peace in Christ by the Bible, by sanctifying oneself day after day... sanctifying means leaving the things that are against the word and you sanctify your soul by searching the scriptures, which is the nourishment from the Bible, because the word is food; the word is the bread of life.

WWCJ : Your favorite person or account in the Bible…
My preference in the Bible would be the apostle Paul, because he was (note that I say ‘was’) a great sinner, and God chose him to teach his people by choosing the worst to become the best. We have all his letters so that we may understand. They teach us the depths of the word of God so that we may be a better man and a better woman, and they establish us as a son or a daughter of God.

WWCJ : Which promise of God are you most anxious to see fulfilled?
It would be the day when He snaps his fingers and tells Jesus to come get us off of this Earth. At the same time it is not the most sought after promise because there are a lot of people who are not yet saved, and if Jesus would come today there would be no chance for all these people. I think the best promise that we have (those who are alive today) is that Jesus could come while we were yet alive so that we may receive our recompense. I am anxious for myself, but not for those who are not ready. For me, personally, as I drive my truck, 18 wheels, 65 feet long, 80,000 pounds, and if Jesus was to come while I was driving on the highway and I would disappear with no one in the truck... that would be quite a promise to see come to pass? Hey! Where is this guy gone?

WWCJ : The best time of day to read the Bible?
Any time is a good time, but when you have the kind of schedule that is irregular, it is hard to make plans for your soul and to make plans to read the Bible. So my answer is that any time is a good time.

WWCJ : The heaviest burden most often mentioned in your prayers and fastings…
My interest... the burden that I carry the most (personally) is to always have the mind to do what the Bible says, and to do according to the word of God, and to live in holiness and to be an example unto others who see me, and to others who I talk to. To be an example of holiness and to seek holiness for me and my family, to live a way so that others will recognize that we are people who live according to the Bible.

WWCJ : What do you most look forward to after you die?
What I most look forward to after I die is to have nothing to look forward to! I’ll be dead so there will be nothing to wait around for! But, there is the inheritance for a son of God, which is the recompense of this life that we have lived according to the righteousness of the Bible, as well as to be in heaven, in front, in back, on either side, or off in the field somewhere or anywhere with Jesus Christ! This is the reward of going to heaven.

WWCJ : What do you want every person who reads this to do as soon as they have finished?
I would like them to get a Bible and to search the depths of the word of God, and to find out what the word of God is to us, who Jesus is, what Jesus did for us, why He died for us and why He redeemed us of our sins. To find out in the Bible what is written about salvation, the gospel of Christ, so that they may become a better person according to what is written in the Bible, and that they may live the way God wants us to live, which is the way He has written it in the Bible for us. We need to read the Bible to know these things, and that’s what I would like everyone to do as soon as possible.